Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Shoes...Shoes...and Shoes again...
People these days are becoming crazy about shoes.... Why ? because shoemakers are creating more and more princess like shoes. FEATHERS, DIAMONDS ,CRYSTALS,FUR, ETC.... anything can be on a shoe today... ANYTHING.
And guess what? these insane shoes have the power to seduce anyone who see them ...
because even if they are REALLY tacky, kitschy and Bling Bling,THEY ARE ALSO REALLY EXPENSIVE and sometime OVERPRICED for the quality ... yeah the quality ... shoes are not ALWAYS well done.... Luxury brands are not as they used to be 50 years ago... with the market, lots of luxury brands became and still become vulgar, cheesy, made in china sometime instead of being unique, well traditionally done, and rare... yeah...DU PRET- A- PORTER finally... everything that luxury used to fight against....
instead of quality, luxury brands develops QUANTITY and Medium Commercials. $$$....
people can spend thousand of dollars on a pair like that....

Prada Plastic Shoes

Miu Miu Shoes


Christian Dior Shoes

As a reaction to these shoes and the contemporary market, i decided to create the Cinderella Manifesto Shoes. I customized a pair of shoes that i had, with Neon Pink Posca ( graffiti pen), and turned them into " Chic and luxurious " Shoes with inexpensive materials . I drew elements on them like diamonds,stars and bows, that are commons in the luxury world of today.
My shoes are actually a caricature of the modern fashion world.

Will Anna Dello Russo buy those?
copyright by Kim Hou. thursday, june 16th, 2010

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